How to Design a Landing Page

Top tips to make your landing page effective

Modern Internet marketing employs many tricks and methods to improve sales efficiency. There are several ways to draw attention to your company online, attract new users, and advertise your product or service. Landing page is the ideal solution for such needs. You can achieve excellent results in several directions at once using this simple website. How? The answer you can find in our article, where we described the most useful tips on how to create an effective landing page.

What is a landing page

Before proceeding directly to the tips on how to design a landing page that converts, let’s find out what the landing page is and why your business needs it.

Why landing pages are important and how they work

What is the importance of a landing page, and is it worth your time and money? Let’s find out!

  • tests a business idea;
  • wants to attract an audience to some events;
  • etc.

Landing page goals

After we figured out what landing pages exactly are and how they work, we can move on to the topic of how to design an effective landing page.

Top tips on how to design a landing page

When the goals of your landing page are clear, you can move forward and start thinking about how to design a great landing page.

1) Create a catchy headline

The first and most important thing that users see on any site is the headline. Whether it’s a landing page or any other kind of a website, working out the headline carefully is worth the result. To attract readers attention, a web page headline should be clear, concise, and provide all the benefits of your product or service. Headline is usually a well-thought-out unique value proposition (UVP) of your products or services.

  • Distinguish your brand from the competitors;
  • Describe the benefits of purchasing your product, service, or taking a partnership offer.

2) Add Call To Action buttons

Call to action buttons are very important if you want to attract potential clients. The main thing in landing page design is to use clear call to action buttons that show the benefit a visitor gets if he or she pushes them. These buttons should encourage website visitors to register, buy your goods, order your service, request access, or take any other actions depending on the goal of your landing page. The best place to set a CTA button is at the top of a landing page so that your landing page visitors don’t have to scroll down to reach it.

3) Highlight Your Benefits

If you want to design an effective landing page, you need to place the main advantages of your offer on it. This will significantly increase your landing page performance. Indeed, people often buy and consume with their eyes. Highlight 5 ‒ 7 main advantages of your product or service and briefly describe them.

4) Structure your landing page

Another very important aspect of a good landing page design is a proper site structure. Organize your landing page information in a way that is easy to scan. A regular user doesn’t have time to read long, monotonous text. Use icons, bullet or numbered lists ‒ everything that helps to split the content into logical sections. Write laconic descriptions. Don’t forget about illustrations, videos, and other easily consumable content elements that drive traffic and sales.

5) Add social proofs

Any reader that visits your landing page has doubts and concerns about the quality of your goods or services. To dispel these concerns, you need to add so-called social proofs. These can be reviews, quality certificates, logos of famous customers you’ve been cooperating with, and many others elements. It would be better if you use several of them on your LP.

6) Ensure fast loading

According to statistics, 44% of consumers will switch devices if it takes too long to load a page. Such metrics as conversion rate and bounce rate directly depend on the performance of your landing page. Your landing page may be flawlessly designed, but if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, customers most likely will not wait and close it before the page is loaded. Try not to overload your landing page with unnecessary elements that slow it down. Everything you add should have a specific goal. Images are very important for your LP optimization. Make sure that all of them meet Google’s Page Speed Rules and recommendations.

7) Use countdown timers

A timer can be very handy for your landing page design. This element encourages users to take action faster. This technique is called scarcity. It’s a sort of inducement when there are only two products left in stock, for instance. So timers create the so-called urgency effect, which motivates users to choose and decide faster than they usually do.

8) Add lead-forms

Lead form is a way to collect contact information of a potential customer. This form is one of the essential elements of conversion. It’s worth considering several important details in creating the lead form in order to make it work correctly:

  • Don’t request too much information. Your goal is to collect enough or even minimal amounts of information to establish two-way contact with a potential client.
  • Select the length of the lead form specifically for your landing page needs. A short lead form will have a better conversion rate. However, a lot of visitors who fill short forms are more likely to be out of your target audience. On the contrary, long forms can give you better quality leads and lower conversion rates, Visitors who fill out long forms provide you with more details about themselves and the kind of product/service they are looking for.
  • Notify visitors about your Landing Privacy Policy to ensure that it’s safe to share their personal data with you.

Usability testing of a landing page

It’s not enough to make a good-looking landing page design. Landing pages are created to convert visitors. But what if it doesn’t? In this case, testing of your landing page has to become your priority. You need to find out how difficult it is for visitors to use your LP, and how much time they need to obtain the necessary information, and find a way to place their order through testing.

  • Configure and run the experiment


In this post, we’ve shed some light on the most powerful design tips to create your landing page. We hope they helped you understand what the purpose of a landing page is and why a landing page is so important for your business.

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