Designing an app or website, you always have to face the fact that you will need to choose design language systems. You need to decide for yourself what it will be — flat or material design. Confrontation and competition between these two systems have always existed for many years in the future. And today, in this article, let’s uncover the topic of the difference between flat design and material design, what these two concepts are in general, how they work, and which one is better to choose.

What is a flat design

Some people often wonder how many differences these two design styles have. But first, it’s important to mention that each of them is based on the skeuomorphism principle. …

Did you know that 4.4 billion internet users do for 6½ hours each day online? Hours spent on using the Internet are increasing every day. At the same time, the number of various applications and websites that are widely used on multiple gadgets, laptops, and smartphones is also growing. The main question is how to make your website look attractive on all devices no matter what the client is using: a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone?

Responsive web design is one of the most important components of Gapsy Studio websites. Below, we will describe what responsive web design is, show you some examples, explain benefits to convince you that responsive design is essential to modern design. …

Do you know that the amount of global mobile app downloads reached 204 billion in 2019? For comparison, in 2016, this number was 140.7 billion. The mobile application market is growing very actively and competition between apps is just unimaginably vast. If you want your application to be popular among users, it shouldn’t only be technically developed and have an attractive design but, first of all, it has to solve your potential users’ problems.

When you decide to create a mobile application design for your business, you need a functional design which is aesthetically beautiful at the same time. Creating a high-quality design requires certain skills, time, and resources. The price of mobile applications depends on many factors. …

What are Design Standards and How They Work

Creating a website design you need to remember that certain patterns or web design rules have been already developed. This is important primarily for new designers or those who have decided to create a site for the first time.

According to Google’s study, it only takes 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for visitors to form a first impression of your website. Sad statistics, isn’t it?

The first and main goal of the designer is to make a person hold their eyes and stay on the page for further actions. Users can quickly rate anything based solely on emotional reactions and visual attractivness. The main designer’s task is to lure the user with at least one element on the page, because of which he won’t close the site in a second. Modern people who don’t even have any specific education in the field of design, feel the atmosphere of the site, the level of communication with the user and the overall appearance. …

Life in the 21st century is hard to imagine without shopping online. It has become a habit for all of us. However, with such a huge competition, you should always keep your eyes on the ball. To stand out from thousands of competitors, sell more, and make customers loyal, we have prepared the top 8 UI/UX tips for your ecommerce web design product.

#1 Mobile-first approach

More than 52% of all website traffic worldwide was carried out through mobile devices in 2018. It means users shop more through mobile devices than by PCs.

The “mobile-first” is a site development approach that starts with the development of a lightweight and straightforward mobile version of the site. Then, developers create a functional resource for desktop computers. …

It’s no secret that a high-quality UX and UI design directly affects your potential customers’ satisfaction and income if your customers are pleased and purchase your product or services. Once your users’ expectations are not met, you get a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate. When facing such a problem, you need a UX audit to help you identify the problems and weaknesses of your website/application and find solutions.

In this article, we share our concise guide on how to conduct a UX audit in the right way and don’t let your app or website fail.

Who should do a UX audit, and when?

UX audit is performed if you have already released a product. It was used in real-time by users. You noticed that there are problems with usability, high cart abandonment rate, low conversion rate, or many other factors that indicate problems with mobile or web UX design. But if you are only finishing your product design and development and haven’t released it yet, you’d better do usability testing rather than a complete audit. …

If you ever ask yourself why users don’t subscribe to your product, or why they don’t understand how to use it, or why, for example, users don’t complete their actions, then you’re likely to have missed a very important step in creating your product — user experience (UX) audit. In this article, we talk about everything concerning UX audit, so don’t miss reading it!

What is UX audit?

A user experience audit is an expert evaluation of how your potential clients interact with your website or application. A UX designer identifies interface flaws in the visual design and issues with UX logic based on the analysis and user behavior. …

The app or site’s first experience plays a crucial role in creating the overall impression. Convenient and functional user experience design will make users stay and continue using a product. If UX is badly created, users will simply go to competitors.

So, why is UX design so crucial for creating a functional and suitable design for a website or an app? Let’s find out!

What is UX design

User experience design is a multifaceted concept that includes many disciplines: interactive map, information architecture, visual design, readable text, interface responsiveness, usability, and interaction between a person and your product. …

Your website or app users never think about the database of your product or its technical components. They always deal with the user experience and user interface design of your product. Whether users will like your product depends on the UI and UX design. That is why UI and UX design is what worth investing money and time in. In this article, we want to shed light on such aspects as what UI and UX designs are, what is the difference between them, and how they influence your product.

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What is UI design

User interface design is the visual embodiment of UX design. The main UI design purpose is to make an application, website, or other software product design intuitive, attractive, and simple to use with the help of certain graphic solutions. …

Top tips to make your landing page effective

Modern Internet marketing employs many tricks and methods to improve sales efficiency. There are several ways to draw attention to your company online, attract new users, and advertise your product or service. Landing page is the ideal solution for such needs. You can achieve excellent results in several directions at once using this simple website. How? The answer you can find in our article, where we described the most useful tips on how to create an effective landing page.

What is a landing page

Before proceeding directly to the tips on how to design a landing page that converts, let’s find out what the landing page is and why your business needs it. …


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